Action Plan

AR Focus statement

The focus of my action research project is student motivation and engagement in the classroom. Implementation of the flipped classroom model aims to address both of these concerns by freeing class time for more involved and intellectually stimulating activity.

I hope to answer the following questions through this project:

  • Can high school physics students be better engaged if they are provided with more demanding activities in class, with lecture content delivered as homework?
  • Will high school physics students be sufficiently motivated by homework assignments that deliver lecture content online?
  • Does the flipped classroom model maintain and/or enhance high school physics students’ achievement levels?

Forecast video

Music: Kevin MacLeod

Target audience

My target audience is my class of 18 high school Physics students. They are juniors and seniors attending an all-girls private high school in Los Angeles. All students already participate in a one-to-one laptop program and have Internet access at home.


Students often struggle with the advanced concepts they learn in high school science classes. I have decided to implement a flipped classroom model that will engage the students with lecture content at home and motivate them with more rigorous activities inside the classroom. These activities will include labs (both virtual and hands-on), problem sets and discussions.

During implementation, I will use screen recording software and a tablet to generate my own video tutorials for students to watch for homework. I will also make use of video content already available online through free services including YouTube and iTunes U.

Students will use their Web-ready MacBooks (see “Target Audience” above) and Internet access to participate in the implementation of this project. Outside of class, they will watch videos that present lecture content; in class, they will participate in more engaging and challenging work. My hope is that the students will embrace this flipped classroom model by watching the videos consistently outside of class and come in prepared to discuss and ask questions about what they saw. This will require active viewing of the videos, and it is not a skill that I anticipate will come naturally to all of the students; however, with practice and a willingness to come and be active participants in class, I am confident that all the students will ultimately develop the patience and enthusiasm necessary to thrive in a flipped classroom environment.

Assessment and evaluation tools

My data will include both quantitative and qualitative records. I will quantitatively measure my students’ success by considering their performance on in-class assessments, including tests and quizzes. Their scores on assessments administered in cycles one and two can be compared to their scores on assessments administered before implementation of the flipped classroom. Qualitatively, I will rely on my personal observations of student engagement in the flipped classroom, and on pre- and post-implementation surveys given to the target audience:

Link to pre-implementation student survey: 

Link to post-implementation student survey:

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