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Month 10 – Learning management systems and organization

Month 9 – Game strategies and motivation

Month 8 – Film-making Principles and Education

Month 7 – Musical Theory and Education Applications

Month 6 – Digital Media and Education Applications

Month 5 – Education Design and Evaluation

Month 4 – Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture

Month 3 – Training and Motivational Development

Month 2 – Multiple Learning Theory Applications

  1. Kim,
    At a staff meeting the flipped classroom was mentioned and I have been curious about it since. I have not had time to investigate it, even though I quickly found several articles for the staff to read about the flipped classroom, I have not had time to read them. I am interested in picking your brain sometime or at least when I read more about it, having a discussion with you.

    • I’d love to talk about it sometime. The idea has actually been around for a while (though it used to be called “inverted,” rather than “flipped”) and it just makes so much sense for some classrooms!

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