Month 03 TMD Entry

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Month 3 Training and Motivational Development

Who are your critical friends?  What role do you anticipate your critical friends will play with regard to your AR project?

I am fortunate to work with many highly-qualified educators who will act as my critical friends as I implement this project. The other members of the science department will be invaluable in helping me to formulate the course content that will replace traditional lectures in class. Three of these department members have taught AP Biology in the past, and so I know that I can approach them with challenges that arise. I also have access to administrators who are supportive of my efforts and highly qualified themselves in the field of educational research. They will offer feedback on my proposed study and on the final product of my inquiry.

How do you plan to address the hurdles that you might encounter during this project? For example, times you will not have access to your target audience such as summer break.

Using the time below, I have determined to implement my cycles during January and February of 2012. This will avoid the two-week winter break during which students are away from school. Since January marks the beginning of a new school semester, it will also enable me to begin Cycle 1 with entirely fresh course content to which the students have not been previously exposed.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

  1. Kim,
    Is that a timeline tool? I am having more fun looking at the graphic organizers rather than the movies! Who knew graphic organizers could be so much fun! I am grateful for this assignment because it made me stop and think what would be going on in my life during these next 9 months! Woohoo only 9 months left! or yikes 9 months left!

  2. Hey, Tricia,
    Yes, I used an app called Easy Timeline to create the timeline, then used Screenflow to record while I navigated through the events in 3D viewing mode.
    Nine months and counting….

  3. Kim-
    I loved the interactive timeline! I can’t believe that we are already 3 months down! I cannot wait to check back throughout your project because your topic really excites me. I wish that I had a “flipped” classroom while taking AP courses, I think that it would have allowed me to focus more in class and authenticate my learning. Good Luck!

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