Month 04 ETC Entry

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Month 4 Emergent Technologies in a Collaborative Culture

Use month four as a free-form post about your experience with the literature review from month 4.

Please note: This blog post was added in retrospect, after the month 4 program had been completed.

In month four, I completed the literature review for my Action Research project. It was a great opportunity to look at the most current information available on the flipped class. The process brought to light many aspects of the classroom model of which I had been unaware.

I was truly surprised to learn, in the course of my research, that the flipped classroom structure was NOT, in fact, first implemented by Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams, although those two chemistry teachers often receive credit for this innovation. The method was actually pioneered (and documented) by a university economics professor, who also called his model the “flipped classroom.” This seemed like an awfully big coincidence to me!

The greatest challenge I faced in completing my literature review was the scarcity of peer-reviewed scholarly writing on the topic of flipped classrooms. It is a relatively new phenomenon, and so not much formal research has already been done; however, it has quickly gained attention from the educational community, partly due to S. Kahn’s and D. Pink’s endorsements.  As a result, most of the materials I was able to collect regarding the flipped model itself had to come from the popular press. This was not ideal for the purposes of my literature review, but it does mean that my research project could be a valuable contribution to the literature in this field.


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