Month 05 EDE Entry

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Month 5 Education Design and Evaluation

Tell the story of your cycles and how you see your Action Research project unfolding.

I plan to implement Cycle 1 of my Action Plan beginning in January, 2012. This start date marks the beginning of the second semester for my classes, so it represents a fresh start, and means that I can use the flipped classroom model while teaching entirely new material.

I’ve made a few strategic changes to my action plan since producing my video. I had initially hoped to implement the flipped classroom in my AP Biology courses, but I will instead make the change in my Physics course. This is my first year teaching Physics, and I see now how beneficial the flip might be to this class.

In January, I will begin by administering my pre-implementation survey to the students, to gauge their engagement and achievement in the standard class. My standard class generally consists of lecture and sample problems performed by the teacher, with questions and problems assigned as out-of-class homework. The flipped model is designed to provide students with more formative feedback and one-on-one time with their instructors. For my first cycle, I will “flip” my standard model, creating screencast videos of the material I would normally cover in class. The students will be assigned to watch these videos for homework, and then they will complete the problems and questions in class.

Following the implementation of Cycle 1, I will survey the students again to measure their engagement and understanding of the material. Based on the results of that survey, and on my own observations of the class, I will tweak the class structure as needed and proceed to Cycle 2.

I am anxious to see the benefits of the flipped classroom for myself! Having done so much reading and research on the topic, I feel poised to begin implementation!


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