Month 06 DAE Entry

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Month 6 Digital Media and Education Applications

How is your AR project unfolding? When will you begin Cycle implementation in your environment?

I plan to begin implementation of cycle one with the beginning of 2012. This marks the beginning of my school’s spring semester and also the start of entirely new content. This makes it the ideal time to implement a fresh classroom model.

How are you planning to track your data?

My data will include both quantitative and qualitative records. I will quantitatively measure my students’ success by considering their performance on in-class assessments, including tests and quizzes. Their scores on assessments administered in cycles one and two can be compared to their scores on assessments administered before implementation of the flipped classroom. Qualitatively, I will rely on my personal observations of student engagement in the flipped classroom, and on pre- and post-implementation surveys given to the target audience.

What happened in your research that you did not expect?

I was startled to find that very little peer-reviewed material is available on the flipped classroom model. It seems that the literature has not been able to keep up with the model’s growing popularity. I am eager to contribute to a growing body of literature on this topic.

How has this month’s course helped you in shaping your AR project?

One of my most daunting tasks in implementing the flipped classroom model is creating and finding sufficient lecture content for students to consume outside of class. It is my hope that my growing understanding of media design and Flash animation software will enhance the materials that I generate.


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