Month 07 MTA Entry

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Month 7 Musical Theory and Education Applications


Are you still on target to complete both implementation activities? If not, why? Analyze any potential hurdles, how do you plan to address these conflicts that may postpone your implementation?

My implementation of the flipped classroom is already underway. I began flipping my physics class at the beginning of January. My original plan, as summarized in my timeline video, was to begin implementation in December; however, given that my students take winter finals at the end of the calendar year, I felt that it would be unfair to them to make any major changes to the structure of the class so late in the semester. In practice, I feel that I made the right decision, as waiting has enabled me to cover entirely new content with my students using the flipped classroom model. As of now, I see no hurdles to continuing my implementation.

Estimate how long will each implementation take to complete.

Each cycle should take approximately four weeks to complete. This will be enough time to cover a bit more than one chapter’s worth of content with my class per cycle. I anticipate completion of cycle one at the end of January, and the completion of cycle 2 near the end of February.

Will you be completed with the implementation process by month 9?  If not, why?

I do anticipate that my implementation will be completed by month 9. My students will take their midterm exam, a major cumulative assessment covering all the material they have learned in the flipped classroom, on March 1, offering me my very last “data point” at the very end of our ninth EMDT month.

  1. EMDT Action Research

    Excellent! You are on schedule for success. Please expect the unexpected it always happens, life is not a script. But learning will always take place even if things go wrong. Embrace the flipped classroom with open arms especially for cycle 1. Cycle 2 you will have a different perspective since it will be your second implementation. I am looking forward to seeing this unfold.

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