Final Presentation

Literature review word cloud (created using Tagxedo)

Shown here is a visual representation of my literature review as a weighted word list. As you can see, learning, technology, students, and, of course, flipped classroom, all have prominent roles in the cloud. The flipped classroom attempts to put students at the center of their learning, and they are shown here inside the turning arrow. This idea, grounded in the work of leaders in the field of flipped learning like Salman Khan and Jon Bergmann, makes for quite a stunning cloud!


The flipped classroom model was implemented in a high school physics course to determine whether it enhanced student engagement and achievement. Previous studies indicated that flipped classrooms increased student comprehension and satisfaction. Over eight weeks, 18 students watched lecture videos for homework, then completed problem sets and concept questions in class. The students were quizzed each day, and a summative midterm exam was administered after the eight-week period. The students completed surveys about their experiences in the flipped classroom. These data were compared against data gathered from the same students four months prior, in a traditional classroom setting. In the flipped classroom, students showed increased achievement and reported spending more time working collaboratively and higher levels of confidence.

Action Research – Final video

Leadership project

Proof of submission

Now that my implementation of the flipped classroom model is complete, I’m anxious to share my findings with the world! I have submitted my leadership document to The Science Teacher, a peer-reviewed journal by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). This publication features informational articles aimed at science teachers who are attempting to improve their practice. This is exactly the sort of audience I hope to reach. I am a long-time member of NSTA, and I frequently read the articles in The Science Teacher. I would be thrilled to see my description of my experiences in the flipped classroom appear in that publication. The Science Teacher is just one of several of NSTA’s peer-reviewed journals, but it is most relevant to my research because its target audience is high school science teachers.



Program reflection

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